Mysteries on third floor
Premiere 2004

Ida just moved in with her sweet and busy mother. Its boring to be at the new place. Is there no one to play with? Although Ida is good to entertain herself, it's more fun to play with somebody else. Fortunately she discovers that Dagmar lives in the neighbor apartment, she's fun to play with, but there is something mysterious about her. Seen from the outside she is an angry old lady, but inside of her it is completely different discovers Ida.

Mysteries on third floor floor is a poetic dance theater performance for children created with an energetic choreography that is based on everyday movements. Ida with the ponytail swinging, flexible body and happy eyes, gives herself and the crowd time to think while she moves in a wild way in the whimsical apartment at the third floor. A series of funny situations arises from that. A show about the playful child who lives within all of us - even in a grumpy old lady.

Corona Danseteater/ Zebu
Dansescenen 5 - 7 April 2004 
and toured in Denmark for 2 years
Duration 40 minutter
Age 4 - 8 years.

Artistic & production team

Choreography and staging Pernille Garde Performers Sidsel HalbergHelena Hertz Melkjorsen og Jytte Kjøbæk Script Liselotte J. Christensen Music Mathias Nielsen Lightdesign Michael Breiner Technician Katja Lisboa Set design, costumes and props  Randi Milsted & Vibeke Ulke Tailor Sofie Østergaard Performance ass. Jørgen Carlslund Produced by Corona Danseteater/ Zebu spring 2004.

Supported by
Støttet af Kunstrådets fagudvalg for teater, Augustinus Fonden, 
Dansk Skuespillerforbunds Blankbåndsmidler.




Fyns Stiftidende, Marianne Koch, 29 March 2004:

"Corona Dance Theatre's performance "Mysteries on third floor" with a screenplay by Liselotte Christensen and choreography by Pernille Garde has become a very solid made little dance fantasy. Corona Dance Theatre creates with "Mysteries on the third floor" all everyday movements into something poetic and unique. And when it happens whith a maintained dramatic point (the young mind in the old body), the result as a theater is considered good. Really good." 


Pernille Garde