Politiken, 14th February 2001, Janus Kodal:

“[…] But the redeeming expression - and I totally forgot it was dance, I was watching - was offered by Pernille Garde […] we realize, that they are images of ourselves enrolled in a drama mirroring life, that we are so very different from what we know. But it doesn't matter that they are images. The spiritual impact, that to me is art, has already forced us to understand its language.”

Weekendavisen, 23 February 2001, Majbritt Hjelmsbo:

"[...] But it was Pernille Garde who grabbed the audience with the sleepwalking drama "Silently the night flows". Here a mesmerizing Sorella Englund in a red silk nightgown entered the stage between Jacob Dorff-Petersen's bewildered adolescent boy and Bo Madvig's dangerous yet comical wolf in sheep's clothing […]"

Berlingske Tidende, 15 February 2001, Erik Aschengreen:

"[...] As the last choreographer of the evening Pernille Garde had selected two strong, mature artists for "Silently the night flows", and it paid off. Sorella Englund and Bo Madvig gave personality and character to the love-triangle with the young, rightly terrified, Jacob Dorff-Petersen. The situation was keen, seductive, harsh and funny. Bo Madvig is a very subtle performer with an amazing agility in both body and gaze, and Sorella Englund a mysterious femme fatale between the two gentlemen. As an audience I sometimes lost concentration during the first three works, but here I was finally captured.”