**** Byenkalder.dk, november 2007, Susanne Trudsø:

"Pernille Gardes dance performance a wedding night is a tough, both dreaming, hateful and ironic story about a woman who stands before her wedding day [...] Dansescenens black box is exploited well by Mia Stensgaard with simple props and a underscoring lightdesign that constantly shifts the focus corresponding to the action. Composer Mathias Nielsen has created the supporting evocative soundtrack. A wedding night is not an ambiguous story, but a number of sequences full of hints. You get a bunch of impulses back home for further reflection."

Kultunaut.dk, november 2007, Heidi Johanna Rothausen:

"Pernille Garde has in the recent years worked with an emotional choreographic language based upon human issues. In a wedding night she tries to get all the unspoken and suppressed out through the dance, and it succeeds well, because the four dancers has a strong expression - even in the mimic parts ... With a surreal touch she strips the characters naked, so they can free themselves from tightening identities and instead show new sides of themselves which is shocking, wondering, hurtful, joyful and surprises the rest of the family."

Terpsichore 6. november 2007, Mette Garfield
"In Pernille Gardes dancetale "A Wedding Night" at Dansescenen the family entrenched roles is staged in a recognizable way. The lurking unrestlessness below the wellpolished facade is already established in Bo Madvig's brilliant little intro. With understated, sultry hips and with the marked cheekbones, sexy elbows and streetkidback he dances decadently in a spotlight with scratchy, old silent movie music ... It is the conflicts and the emotions they bring with them and arises from, that Pernille Garde masters to show in steps and bodies."

Copenhagen Post, november 2007, FP:

“The piece is filled with the customary wedding-motifs: white tulle lace, a late groom, a hysteric mother and an envious sister who attracts the young husband's attention a bit too successfully. In spite of this concretion, Pernille Garde, who graduated from the Danish school of contemporary dance in 1999, has choreographed a piece that is never banal. Her means of staging the relationships and memories of the involved characters are reminiscent of the German Tanztheater tradition.“