PERNILLE GARDE STAGE ART based in Copenhagen, Denmark produces performances that moves at the intersection of dance and theatre, telling stories with strong physical sensibility and visual awareness. The company deals with the complexity of the human existence bringing attention, light and humor on severe, dark topics such as loss, sexual abuse and war. In an imagery with several details the audience is invited into a physically and emotionally charged universe with many layers, nuances and possible interpretations. 

LOST MEMORIES 2014 and SYMPHONY OF SILENCE 2010 is characterized by their visual and spacially poetic expressions, with surprises and clear narratives. Alongside the choreographic work PERNILLE GARDE STAGE ART explores and develops audience-interactive projects and continues to do so e.g. UP CLOSE 2015 one audience at a time is invited inside a caravan to tell a story from their life. The story is transformed into a tiny intimate theater performance for this single person.

PERNILLE GARDE STAGE ART is frequently supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, both for productions and touring activities and received Work grants in 2018, 2017, 2015 & 2007. Pernille Garde was rewarded by The Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Grants Funding for the performance LOST MEMORIES in 2014.


Kasper Daugaard
Abelone Koppel
Pernille Lyneborg

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Pernille Garde