Premiere 2017

Portrait: french portrait, from latin protractum, what is drawn into the light

a co-production with The Royal Danish Theatre

It is about life. All the time. It´s not the dance which is important, the dance is just the means. It is about life and death, love and loneliness, loss, sadness, grief and tenderness." - Sorella Englund

SORELLA – A PORTRAIT is a tribute to the legendary stage artist and soloist Sorella Englund who has lived and survived through dance – with great dedication, passion and without compromise.

Life and stagelife merge in a sensuous dreamlike universe, when four dancers evoke scenes, incidents and roles from a life shaped by dark, profound experiences and existential choices. Through movement, video, words and music a tale unfolds. A tale about innocence, loss, ballet roles and the nature of art; a story about transforming darkness into light.

Two balletdancers and two modern dancers express the impact Sorella´s life and work have had on the ballet world and on generations of dancers across genres.

Sorella Englund has been at The Royal Danish Ballet since 1966 as a soloist, character dancer, teacher and stage director. Through her many years of dancing she has interpreted the most powerful roles on stage with ambiguous beauty and immense empathy e.g. The Firebird, The Sylph, Carmen, Teresina and the Witch. Her characters have been shaped and inspired by dramatic events in her own life; for her, life and dance are inseparable.

A-Salen, The Old Stage, The Royal Danish Theatre
24 November - 6 December 2017
Tuesday - Saturday 20:00
Sundays 15:00
Duration 1:20 minutes

More info:

Choreographer & director Pernille Garde Inspiration Sorella Englund Dancers Susanne Grinder, Esther Lee Wilkinson, Tiziana Fracchiolla & Bo Madvig Sound design Greatmusic/ Tin Soheili & Niklas Schack Light design Michael Breiner Set- & video design Signe Krogh Costumes Rikke Von Qualen PR photos, videoshoot Sorella, edit trailer & full version Jacob Stage Dramaturgical consultant Anne Hübertz Brekne Choreographic/ artistic consultant Lisbeth Sonne Andersen External producer Annette Max Hansen PR The Danish Royal Theatre Venue A - Salen, The Old Stage, The Royal Danish Theatre. 

Sorella Englund born on the 23th of December 1945 in Helsinki, Finland. Her father was the composer Einar Englund and her mother the pianist Meri Gyllenbögel. Sorella started dancing very early on and was admitted to The Ballet School at The Finnish National Opera only eight years old. Sorella lost her mother at the age of 10 which became crucial to her. This early loss in childhood along with other fierce events, affected her deeply. However, with an enormous strength and poetic approach to life she managed to transform her pain into art. In 1966 ballet master Flemming Flindt invited Sorella to the Royal Danish Theatre as the first foreign dancer ever. She danced numerous roles in both the classical and the modern repertoire; roles such as The Sylph, Teresina, The Firebird and Carmen with a rare charisma and depth. In the late 1970s Sorella suffered a severe heart attack which put an immediate stop to her career as prima ballerina. After some years Sorella returned as a character dancer and especially the role as the witch becomes iconic of her work. Sorella is still highly active in the dance field, teaching worldwide, inspiring young dancers and for the past couple of years she has been teaching the program Bella Speranza for physically and mentally challenged children, at the Royal Danish Theatre.

Supported by
The Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Performing Arts, Knud Højgaards Fond & Augustinus Fonden





**** Monna Dithmer, Politiken:

"An important performance."

Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information:

"Sorella is something as rare as a tribute. [...]
A rare purehearted dance performance."

**** Vibeke Wern, Berlingske: 

"Strong [...] touching [...] Beautiful [...] Well functioning collage form." 

**** Ulla Strømberg, Kulturkupéen:

"Beautiful images [...] A positive and warm dancesnapshot."