Circus of Life
Premiere 2012

A faded and tiny circus artists group invites us into a circus stage where they perform small humorous and grotesque stories from real life on our flaws and shadows. The artists change character from one image to another, in motion and transformation - from scene to scene. In a grotesque and absurd universe real events and fictional stories melts together in strange and puzzling scenes reflecting the 7 deadly sins.

»Circus of Life« is provoked by the Fall of man and the church's definition of the seven deadly sins. "You may not” tempts us and humanises us. We become aware of our bodies and our sexuality. We discover that we are naked and vulnerable. We are humans with knowledge of good and evil.

Why does the forbidden lure and tempt us? Why does it awaken our curiosity and arouses the desire for disobedience? Can we claim that we do not hold greed, gluttony, pride, lust, wrath, sloth and envy? Does the seven deadly sins still make sense for us today?

»Circus of Life« shows the figures and faces of our sins and exposes our dilemmas and dark sides as we passes on the trail of the answers to the many questions. Step into the circus arena - step into the Circus of Life.

Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
7 - 11 November 2012 
Duration 60 minutes. 

Artistic & production team
Choreography, idea, text & staging Pernille Garde Dancers Tiziana Fracchiolla & Alexandre Bourdat voice MC Jabber Dramaturg Vibeke Wrede, Performing Arts Development in Odsherred Choreographic Consultant Louise Hyun Dahl Composer Greatmusic Lightdesign Michael Breiner Costumedesign Rikke Von Qualen Props Sara Vilslev Technician Jonas Corneliussen Video Mikal Bing Photo Natascha Tiara Rydvald / Freddy Tornberg / Line Riise Graphic Design Robin Neil Hart Pr and tour manager Janne Hovmand Storm Administration
Project Centre 
in Dansehallerne.

Supported by
The National Arts Council, Augustinusfonden, Toyota Fonden, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg & Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.


Cirkus of Life full version ON VIMEO


Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information. A Live Review 9 th. November 2012:

"[...] the most brutal performance of the season. It is a performance that holds so many paradoxes about life possible expressed through the body. [...] It is a show full of surprises and unexpected, very violent changes [...] Circus of Life is also one of the most beautiful dance performances of the season.
There are scenes of remarkable beauty, unexplained grittiness [...] How wonderful it is that "Circus of Life" is the most hideous dance performance of this season. And how uplifting that it is also the most brutal."


 Pernille Garde