A Wedding Night
Premiere 2007

Three sisters and their mother. A visit to the family home and an upcoming wedding. The joy of the reunion is huge, the house is on end and everything seems as it should be. But beneath the surface restlessness is growing and glimpses of previous incidents cast shadows on the festive atmosphere. The bride is anxiously awaiting her chosen one... and suddently a mysterious gentleman makes his entrance.

Thus the stage is set for a family drama where childhood memories, sisterly relations and shadows for the past are played out in a both harsh and humorous dance tale. In an easily recognizable universe with a surreal twist, a series of sharp and sometimes caricatured figures unfold, each struggling with fixed identities and roles.

A Wedding Night shows, for better or worse, how the family has shaped and still affects a group of people in their adult life, and reveals the expectations and roles associated with being a family.

1 - 10 November 2007
Duration 60 minutes.

Artistic & production team
Dancers Bo MadvigPatricia Seron PawlikNinna Steen & Sidsel Halberg Composer Mathias Nielsen Set design ass. Mia Steensgaard Light design & production leader Rasmus Eeg Costumes Rikke Von Qualen/ Tanja Bovin Costume ass. Cecilie Damquist Olsen Choreografic ass. Louise Hyun Dahl Dramaturgical ass. Lotte Bergstrøm Grafic design Mpixel.dk Pr Aline Storm Technician Jacob Bjerregaard Administration Projekt Center in Dansehallerne/ Hanne Svejstrup

Supported by 
Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg (Danish Arts Council Commitee for Performing Arts), Statens Kunstfond, Knud Højgaards Fond, Dansk Skuespillerforbunds Kollektive Blankbåndsmidler, Augustinus Fonden, Toyota Fonden, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Oticon Fonden, Københavns Kulturfond, Nordea Danmark Fonden.


**** Byenkalder.dk, Susanne Trudsø: 

"A Wedding night is a story with different possabilities for interpretation, and a series of sequences full of hints. You get a bunch of impulses back home for further reflection."

Kultunaut.dk, Heidi Johanna Rothausen:

"[...] With a surreal touch she shows the characters, everting out of locked identities and instead shows new sides of themselves that shocks, surprises, hurts, joys and surprises the rest of the family."

Mette Garfield, Terpsichore:

"The lurking troubles that lies under the polished facade is already introduced in Bo Madvig´s amazingly little intro. With understated, sultry hips and with distinctive cheekbones, cheeky elbows and a back as a street boy he dances decadently in spotlight to scratchy, old silent movie music […] It is the conflicts and emotions related to them and arises from that Pernille Garde masters to show through steps and bodies."


Pernille Garde