Premiere 2000

Two people meet between dream and reality. One of them acts like a shadow in the dream of the dreamer and the dreamer awakens to forgotten memories.

Venue Dansescenen
January 2000 
Duration 10 minutes 

Artistic & Production team
Dancers Ari Rosenzweig & Nikolaj Jespersen Music & sound Titti Albrecht, Rune Zetterström & Arne Schultz Artistic consultant Anders Christiansen Costumes Lise Klitten Lightdesign Mogens Kjempff Regissør Nana Francisca Schöttlander Photo Per Folkver Produced and curated by Teaterforeningen AdHoc.

Remembrance was a part of the programme KUN KORT TID (ONLY SHORT TIME) presented works by 5 female choreographers. Lene Boel, Sara Gebran, Kitt Johnson, Anne Katrine Kallmoes and Pernille Garde was invited to bring life to short choreographies. They gave the challenge to the 4 male dancers of the production and the result became 7 choreographies 5-15 minutes each, which was put together by colours, light and sound. 




Politiken, 15 January 2000, Alexander Meinerts:

[...] Pernille Garde’s gripping "Remembrance” is the humane feature of the evening. A delicately outlined encounter of two men between dream and reality [...]"


Pernille Garde