Premiere 4. th. October, 2019

Lea's room is a dark, harsh and surreal danceperformance based on a true story. A woman haunted by fragmented memories of sexual abuse in her childhood, followed by anorexia nervosa and a trial against the two men who committed the assaults. The performance highlights the brutal change of reality, loss of meaning and identity after sexual abuse.

The performance shifts in time and space combining real events with dreamlike nightmare images. Trial, assault and cause of disease unfolds in an absurd imagery, where dancers using movements and words, transforms in and out of roles in a disturbing labyrinthic tale.

Choreography, concept & script: Pernille Garde, inspiration: Lea Vesterby Olesen, dancers: Sherwin Diane Reyes, Bo Madvig and Jan Vesala, Music & composition: Mons Niklas Schak, Set & video design: Signe Krogh, Costumes: Åsa Gjerstad, Light design: Maria Pi Houmann, dramaturgical & choreographic consultant: Lisbeth Sonne Andersen, Pr & marketing: Art Attack, Grafic design: Robin Neil Hart, Signature photo: P. Garde, Pr photos, videoregistration & edit: Jacob Stage, producer: Gitte Nielsen, Administration: CYRK.
Venue: Bådteatret, Nyhavn 16Z, 1051 Copenhagen K, Dk
4. - 17.th. October 2019
Tuesday - friday 20:00
Saturday & sunday 17:00

Supported by
The Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding, The Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Performing Arts Grants, The Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Music Project Funding, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Oticon Fonden & Konsul Georg Jorck og hustru Emma Jorcks Fond.



”I develop OCD while the assaults take place. A sense of how painful it is... I find patterns and lines in the room surrounding me. I see myself from above... Thinking it must be over soon... I follow the light through a crack and become aware of tiny little things. I move my attention away to somewhere else."

"I was completely enclosed... and left alone in the whole world."

"Finally I barely felt human. I was completely damaged. One layer at a time I disappeared. There was nothing left of me in the end only fear and flashbacks."

Quotes by Lea Vesterby Olesen