Weekendavisen, Majbrit Hjelmsbo:

“[…] It is cruel substance Pernille Garde is dealing with. But because she succeeds at striking a fine balance between tragic and absurd theatre, Pernille Garde manages to create a shocking and truly relevant dance-theatre piece, with a twist. Well done!" 

**** Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende:
"[...] puts a sensitive focus on notions of displacement and memory loss caused by a traumatic event. […] It is very good timing that Pernille Gardes new dance performance “Lost Memories" premiers now, where DR and other medias have an intense focus on mentall illness and quality of life.
Because the performance which is about memory loss caused by a traumatic event focuses on fear, stress and pain and shows the journey through the darkness of life finding remembrance, recollection and courage to face life.”

***** Ida Fredericia, kulturshot:
“[...]"... as seeing a Steven King movie or Scorsese's "Shutter Iceland". Everything fits together with a striking ease and a constantly smooth, almost cinematic flow of movement and scene changes." 

***** Pia Stilling, Kultunaut: 
“Bo Madvig performs the traumatized Mr. H. and the whole performance trembles by his presence. Bo Madvig is a loner in danish modern dance, and he has a youthful strength and 30 years of experience to draw from. […] Pernille Garde tells a personal but not a private story with LOST MEMORIES. The performance has depth and agenda, and not least - the narrative is comprehensible which allows for the audience to take a stand. This is a rare thing in modern dance. So take a challenge and go to Københavns Musikteater to see a performance which is slightly outside a normal comfortzone."

***** Gert Poder, Arbejderen: 

"[...] A touching insight into our own being."

Nanna Vinter Terpsichore:
"LOST MEMORIES is a truly intense experience. Rarely does a dance performance manage to captivate its audience so consistently as in this little choreographic pearl af a dance-theater piece.”